The Mangusta is a speargun with the traditional propulsion system for "old school" enthusiasts.

Developed through projects and calculations on this simple propulsion system, the Phoseidon Spearfish, together with a team of designers and with the expert athlete Massimiliano Alessandrini, has worked on updating this gun.

By using new techniques, new materials and new shapes, the goal was to correct all the flaws that the traditional double-rubber speargun present. The result has been a classic arbalete-speargun, very slim, really light and ultra-resistant with a high manoeuvrability thanks to sharp shapes for splitting the water, to the shaft that has several "windows-holes" for removing the fluid-dynamic resistance and to rubbers hidden inside the outline for removing the "sail effect".

The Mangusta is a spargun as much simple as infallible, suitable for every tape of fishermen from the beginners to the professional ones and for every type of spearfishing in the Mediterranean Sea from the ambush in long hole to the long wait technique.

Size: 75cm / 90cm

Propulsion system: Dual rubber


  • Stainless inverse backward Phoseidon "PH1" trigger
  • Anatomic right or left handle with grip
  • Burnish stainless Roi Pins or Phoseidon Pins 6.5mm or 7mm spear shaft with pre-charged shark fins
  • Horizontal Lg Twist fishing reel
  • Dual Rubbers kit Rob Allen 14mm or 16mm
  • Dyneema PSK 91 lanyard - polyurethane impregnation cut resistant
  • Stainless screws
  • Rubber chest pad reinforcement
  • Stainless cam clamp (optional)

Body composition: Aged and selected Padouk and Okoùmé planking wood + Iroko handle

Gluing: Special industrial building glue used for top level carpentry: specific for naval gluing - three times endurance compared with the traditional epoxy resin

Finishing line: Made with latest generation products, specific for wood and used into shipyard only:

  • two coats of wood sealing (double wood-porosity penetration compared with the traditional epoxy resin)
  • two coats of acrylic paint (for yacht high performances) with lucid or opaque finishing

Power range: Dual rubber

Use range: With fishes in the first 15m with different techniques:

  • Deep ambush
  • Ambush
  • Hole
  • Muddy fishing
  • Foam

Precision range:

  • Shooting in 3m to 4m range from the tip of the spear shaft depending on the shaft's length
  • Spear shaft penetration of 30% of its length

Price: range price starting from 600 €

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General information:

The Phoseidon Spearfish reserves the right to replace the components with their updated version or with equal products that can improve the gun.