Everything started from the research of Giuseppe Testaverde, member of the Roisub Team and smart experimenter and lover of technical innovations.

His passion for the sea and for the spearfishing, united with the work he has done into Roisub, led him to create a unique and professional way to match the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation propulsion systems (Fusion, Demo, FusionKdemo) with the most important material of the spearfish gun, the wood.

Every project was developed without regards to its cost, both during its project-phase and its constructive-phase.

During the project-phase, the idea was to match the most advanced engineers', architects' and designers' ideas for scanning and designing with the skills of wood's craftsmen. During the production-phase, the goal was to look for those innovative materials and products used only by the shipyards of premium luxury wooden boats.

Same proceed was followed for the components: only the best products on the market were used.

The last but not least phase what the experimental one lasted months, both in the pool and at the sea, with the target or fishing, with the help of sports professionals in the sector, up to the maximum that you could ask from a wooden arbalete.

The wood and the spearfish guns

The wood, easily available, has been the first material used by men to build those simple and rudimentary tools that were going to make life easier.

Rigid and flexible at the same time, easy to work, light, floating and enduring: the wood is a great material with a timeless beauty.

These are the reasons because of it has always benn the most used material in weapons' construction.

The wood, as natural material, has its own "soul" that makes the wood itself able to change even imperceptibly. Furthermore, it has its own specific weight that changes from type to type and even from baton to baton of the same piece of wood.

Therefore, the coice of the wood's type and of the pieces to assemble together is very important and must be made considering the aging and the fibres' position: this avoids internal tensions that may compromise the manufacturing and the final result.

The attention to the production of this material must be very high and nothing can ben left to chance.

Today the Phoseidon Spearfish, conscious of this, uses only selected and precious woods in the Mogano Sapelli, Okoùmé, Iroko and Tek type.